森ビル都市企画株式会社 代表取締役社長 田中敏行

In these times of increasing concerns about the Aging Society and global warming, city planning grows in importance every year. Green communities filled with cultural enjoyment and vibrant with human interaction, towns that are resistant to earthquakes and conducive to comfortable lifestyles…. What is the ideal urban environment? What is the perfect city? We have constantly asked ourselves what the best designs for cities—not only the metropolis like Tokyo but also regional cities—should look like.

City planning for a mature society is expected to draft the dream of an ideal city that is not bound by convention, to share its dream with people in the region and the local community, and to win their understandings to move the development forward. We work on city planning based on this concept and approach.

For the capital city of Tokyo to maintain and enhance its attraction as a world-class city in the age of globalization, for regional cities to augment and innovate their urban functionality while making the best of their local positions in their region, and for the realization of development concepts that transcend borders, we will continue to challenge every obstacle that lies.ahead.

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