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The Hiroshima Station South Entrance C-Block site occupies the key location adjacent to Hiroshima Station, the rail hub of regional transportation. Currently characterized by extensive subdivision and aging buildings, land in this area is not being utilized efficiently. From these circumstances, the area will be reborn as the gateway to Hiroshima through redevelopment as a district that will offer a concentration of commercial functionality and central urban residences. As the party entrusted with total project planning, Mori Building Co., Ltd. is responsible for promoting and steering the overall project toward the creation of a town that will serve as a new symbol of Hiroshima, a community that will contribute to a healthier life for both the people who live here and visitors, and a city that will give birth to communication that transcends generations.

Our Role
Overall project promotion, project participant solicitation, business scheme formulation, etc.
Project Profile
Address Block 3, 4 Matsubara-cho and Block 1, Enkobashi-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Site area approx. 9,700㎡ (approx. 2,935 tsubo)
Building Outline
Structure Reinforced concrete, steel frame
Number of floors 46 floors above ground + 1 underground level
Floor area 99,970㎡ (30,220 tsubo)
Floor area ratio approx. 730%
Opening 2017.4

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