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Takamatsu Marugamemachi Shopping Street,G Zone

Boasting over 4 centuries of history, Takamatsu Central shopping district in the venerable castle town of Takamatsu in renowned for its 2.7km long shopping arcade, one of the longest in japan. A part of this arcade is Marugamemachi shopping district, which continues 470m long, is currently divided into 7 zones(A to G), and each one is under a series of redevelopment. The biggest redevelopment project is in G Zone, and it is being advanced by Mori Urban Planning Corporation. While molding the vision of the district's future together with the local community, we aim at creating a commercial space that is attractive, recreational, and relaxing to both its prospective residents and visitors. Moreover, we intend to build a new retail facilities that will serve as a focal point of other shopping areas.

Our Role
Total project management, redevelopment association secretariat support, rights conversion planning, design-related work, construction management, facility planning
Project Profile
Project name Takamatsu Marugamemachi Shopping District, G Zone Type-1 Urban Redevelopment Project
Address Part of Marugamemachi/Kajiyamachi/Furubabacho/ Kawaramachi, Takamatsu City Kagawa Prefecture
Site siz 8,900m² (2,700 tsubo)
Building Profile
Floors 13 / Basement level: 1
Total floor area 44,700m² (13,500 tsubo)
Floor area ratio 420%
Main uses Residences, hotel, retail facilities, car parking, bicycle parking
Open 2012.04.19

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